For applications in the oil and gas industry, power and telecommunications, mining, agricultural and municipal water supply.

Experience the best in the industry

Dynaflex Pipe Technologies is a manufacturer of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe and high performance composite pipe for the oil and gas, mining, industrial and the municipal water industry. We offer a wide variety of sizes and specifications that meet and exceed the industry standards for quality and durability.

Dynaflex uses a Bimodal, ultra High Molecular weight, High Density Polyethylene resin that meets or exceeds ASTM D3350 Cell Classification 445576C.

Lining Systems

Dynaflex HDPE liners are available in PE 4710/PE 100 which can provide solutions to prevent and mitigate corrosion in new and existing steel pipelines.

Oil and Gas

Dynaflex HDPE pipe is suited for situations where corrosion potential is high, our product is corrosion resistant and maintains optimum flow rates, while eliminating scale and biological build-up.


Water that flows through our pipes is safe for drinking purposes, as it is free from contamination. Our product has been proven to be longer lasting than existing steel pipes. We can manufacture this product in either stick form or in continuous lengths, with many different diameters available.


Dynaflex Pipe Technologies Ltd. manufactures a wide range of drainage pipe, containment lines and overflow pipe for coal and mineral processing. Our smooth low friction walls are ideal for these various applications.

Power & Telecommunications

HDPE offers a protective pathway for cables and wires, and is used in underground and inner-duct applications for telecommunication, CATV, and electrical power transmission lines.


Dynaflex HDPE pipe is perfect for wastewater/sewer applications that require a secure transmission of liquids, while reducing environmental disruption to the surrounding area.

Dynaflex Advantage

Dynaflex is committed to serving our customers, meeting their needs and expectations, while taking pride in the designing, manufacturing and supplying of reliable and innovative technologies for the polyethylene and composite pipe markets.

  • Light weight, flexible and cost effective
  • Outstanding chemical and abrasive resistance
  • Superior flow characteristics
  • Durable and reliable
  • Leak-proof systems
  • Superior design life
  • Best for the environment