mining pipe

Dynaflex Pipe Technologies Ltd. manufactures a wide range of drainage pipe, containment lines and overflow pipe for coal and mineral processing. Our smooth low friction walls are ideal for these various applications.


  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Superior corrosion, chemical, weather and abrasion resistant
  • Price/Cost advantages over steel applications
  • Can withstand corrosive chemicals like: Acid, Salt
  • Low resistance to flow at high velocities


  • Coal washing
  • Water transfer
  • Sluice and slurry transfers
  • Air separation structures
  • Raise bore linings
  • Sewer and sub drainage
  • Tailings Transportation
  • Mine de-watering
  • Heap Leaching

Dynaflex HDPE pipe has many unique characteristics that make it the product of choice for numerous applications in the mining industry. HDPE pipe is a product that has proven effective in harsh terrains and extreme climates with ever changing environment. Joints that are heat-fused create a monolithic structure that allows long extended lengths of pipe to be pulled from one area to another.