power, telecomm and conduit pipe

HDPE is becoming the pipe of choice for telecommunication, CATV, and electrical power transmission lines. Dynaflex Pipe Technologies Ltd. offers a protective pathway for cables and wires, and is used in underground and inner-duct applications.

Dynaflex pipe is made from high density polyethylene, extra high molecular weight polyethylene resin. All Dynaflex contains superior strength-weight ratio and outstanding tensile strength properties. (PE 3408, 3608, 4710) Sizes range from 2″-6″.

Direct bury lines are designed to last years, but with the use of Dynaflex HDPE Pipe for conduit you can encase and protect all power lines from outside forces. This line of pipe is quickly establishing itself as the industry norm throughout North America.


  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Superior corrosion, chemical, weather and abrasion resistant
  • Price/Cost advantages over steel applications
  • Outstanding field support & service
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Replace cable lines without having to trench
  • Can be plowed and has optimal pull strength


  • Fibre-optic cable installation
  • Tele-Communications
  • Cable
  • Electric